Beta 390 RR Review 2015

Suite and end of Beta Enduro 4T 2015 tests with 390 RR that is suggest the bike assume a heart breaking choice. A motorcycle which, as the range 4-stroke, evolves significantly from the motor side. The replacement for the 400 RR remains as versatile motorcycle? Rejoinder by reviewer team.

390 RR2015

390 RR2015

The announcement of the renewal of the Beta RR 4t range, with notably the arrival of new cars as the 430 RR, I confess to having been somewhat worried about the future of the 400 RR…

In the end, the 400 disappears bine, but was replaced by a slightly lower displacement motorcycle: the Beta 390 RR. So me reassured! Why? Because this displacement is undoubtedly one that can apply to the largest number. Enduriste amateur confirmed driver, bike was able to give satisfaction to everyone.

Beta does not deceive and we slip in passing the 400 RR sales scores are not negligible, making equal game with the 350 in some countries… With new mechanical design and launched on the range 4-stroke weight hunting, we therefore move from 398 to 385 cm³. A small change that will not be without influence on the track!

Beta 390 RR as an air of familia

A slight difference in design persisted between the 350 and the rest of the range, with an engine so far less top on the first quoted. This time is now over, and all the Beta RR 4T are housed in the same boat if the electronic fuel injection – for now – remains the prerogative of the 350.

390 RR must therefore settle for the Keihin carburetor. We know then the chorus of the Beta RR which are all true false binoculars. Equipped as it should with pieces that flatter the retina as imposing machined hubs, fork or even the swingarm tees.

Beta 390 RR test

Beta 390 RR test

Then look Beta is not innocuous and, personally, the aggressive line leave me indifferent. In Beta it puts forward the side “homemade”, with a Made in Italy well highlighted on the deco kit…

 Beta RR 390 2015 Vivacity

A few rounds of wheel are sufficient to take the Beta 390RR in hand. Ergonomics is different from that offer Japanese, but also obvious motorcycles. No particular instructions so it went a few test rides.

beta rr test for 2015

beta rr test for 2015

After the violent downpour of the day, it remains more mode “on eggshells” only mode “big attack” but as with 430 and 480 RR, the improvement in terms of maneuverability is undeniable. Without being as playful as the 350, which remains a little lighter, the 390 is lively and dynamic when it comes to change support or cut a path.

Uncomfortable in tight corners, the sometimes clumsy 400RR is buried by this agile RR 390. Remains that judging stability, require Ironing Board, and with a little more grip preference. Comfort is present from the first cm of functioning of the suspensions, but this deserves more firmness at the end of the race to avoid any undesired tailgating.

beta rr 390 2015 test

beta rr 390 2015 test

Beta 390 Safe and fun

The uecanique doesn’t change at all from a point of view behavior: it is still on the principle of a “nice” engine that accepts roll into sub-scheme without flinching there were a little more must “get into” with the 350RR.

Mono wins however in vivacity and responds with more nervousness to the trigger shot. Can always wrap the handlebar of the Beta 390 RR, but it is a little further to attack also… The Italians have added a hint of fun in the mill of their intermediate engine capacity.

Other progress, the sensation of engine brake marked when it cut off gas is now greatly diminished. Attention, this is no longer completely dimmed: it feels still a bit, including when going from the 350 to the 390.

Beta 390  RR 2015

Beta 390 RR 2015

Judgments: The choice is complicated

If it plébiscitait far the Beta 400 RR for its ease, its ability to leisurely hike and make violence to roll quickly in my opinion an excellent compromise and my personal choice if I were rolling in Beta, we are now a bit ‘ass between two chairs’ with 390 RR.

As with the revival of the 2015 range, this compromise, we find already above, with 430 RR! And below, there are a new 350 injected which has enough to satisfy… In short, difficult to make its choice in this Beta RR 4t range.

Let everything even the benefit of the doubt at 390 RR, which always has interesting engine safe for handling really rising and a dose of extra fun.

Cheapest 350 RR $ 134, but at the same rate as the 430 RR US$ 12024, this is helping not more… No choice: going to organize a hike to clear up everything!

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